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FAST Guide - Installing FAST

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  • Download the zip/rar file from the main fast-aio page
  • Unzip and execute FASTSetup.msi
  • PM me on Facebook or @ roberto.colombari @ gmail . com for the activation code
  • Execute FAST: it will create a folder under Documents with few additional sub-folders
  • Download ASTAP (FAST has an internal proprietary plate-solver; nevertheless I have integrated ASTAP as a second - manual - option for solving)
  • Place ASTAP executable file under ~/Documents/FAST/catalogue
  • Download ASTAP star catalogue from here [1], unzip and place it under ~/Documents/FAST/catalogue
  • Download the basic file from here [2] and place it under ~/Documents/FAST/tmp
  • Download the neural network from here [3] and place it anywhere inside ~/Documents/FAST



Under no circumstances will the Author be responsible for any damage occurred using this software

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