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James Webb Space Telescope

Date: 2022-06

Proposal ID: 2729

NIRCam filter F090w [160 panels]

NIRCam filter F200w [160 panels]


Software: NASA Fits Liberator 4.0 / PSCS5

Data: NASA / ESA / CSA / STScI. 

Processing: R. Colombari













Proposal Abstract (source: Dr. Klaus M. Pontoppidan)

ERO observations of the 30 Dor star-forming region in the Large Magellanic Cloud. This proposal contains a large NIRCam imaging field, a smaller MIRI imaging field, and NIRSpec IFU+MIRI MRS spectroscopy of a massive protostellar cluster.

This ERO contains NIRCam and MIRI imaging of (part of) 30 Doradus in the Large Magellanic Cloud. Additionally, one of the massive young stars in the cluster will be spectrally imaged with the NIRSpec and MIRI IFUs. 30 Dor consists of the young cluster R136, as well as a bubble of nebulosity. NIRCam will image the full bubble surrounding R136, while MIRI will image the cluster and the brightest ~1/2 of the bubble to the NW of R136.

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